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New Year’s Day

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First off I would like to thank Oppie for the suggestion of not counting the days. We are taking one day at a time and keeping all paws crossed that the recovery continues to go smoothly.

I didn’t have my Mom post yesterday as I was pretty tired and stayed on my bed for most of the day. I did surprise everyone though in the morning I need to go outside pretty badly and hopped along the basement to the door that I’m used to going through. I did forget however that there were two steps that I had to get up to get to the yard. That proved to be quite easy for me getting down though was another story my Dad kindly helped me backwith the towel under my belly. After that I had another long sleep then one of my best friends came for a visit. Oh boy did I get lots and lots of loving from her and treats too! She helped me outside to do my business again before she left and it brought back memories of her doing this with me when I first came home from the breeders 10 yrs ago.

I had a really good sleep last night until about 3:00am then I thought I would surprise my Mom who was in the other room so in I went tail a wagging and woke her up saying look at me Mom! I got my pat and decided it was time to go back to bed for awhile.
My Mom and Dad continue to be amazed at how well I am doing but they forget I think that I was struggling with the pain in that leg for quite awhile so am used to doing most of the work with three!

Talk to you all tomorrow and thanks so much for all the good wishes!


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9 Responses to “New Year’s Day”

  1.   Shirley Says:

    Tehya my special fury friend, we are all so very proud to hear how well you are doing!! Yes, your Aunty has had several bouts of tears for you, but I also know what a very special dog you are and that your inner strength and spirit is so very strong and with all the love and prayers being handed out, that you will strive to do your best. Love ya lots.

    Aunty Shirl
    P.S. You have awesome parents my fury friend!

  2.   Tinker Says:

    Tehya, you are awesome. I hope I have as much courage if I ever get really sick. Aren’t our mom and dad’s awesome. We sure do get spoiled but in this case you really, really deserve it. I will read your blog every day and look forward to a romp at the lake this summer.

  3.   jakesmom Says:

    So glad you’re doing so well Tehya!!! You are a sweetie pie and your pawrents and auntie love you alot!!! So do we!!!

    Angel Jake’s Mom

  4.   anyemery Says:

    Hi Darlene and Tehya,

    You’re right – Tehya and Holly are on the same schedule – Holly’s surgery was also 12/29. And you’re very close in age, too! I’m so glad Tehya is doing well – our furry friends fill us with awe at their ability to bounce back and stay cheerful! Thanks for your well wishes for Holly! Holly and I wish Tehya a good, strong recovery! I’ll check your posts now that I know about you!

    Susan (Holly’s mom)

  5.   Donna Says:

    We went to see our furry niece for the first time today and were amazed at how well she’s doing. She gobbled up her doggie treats and was so cute when she wagged her tail against the floor for Uncle to pat her head and as soon as he stopped she would wag her tail again until he started patting and the cycle continued. Later she hopped over to where he was sitting and rested her head on his leg and had a little snooze.

    We love you Tehya… are such a Trooper!

    Auntie Donna and Uncle Ken xox

  6.   Opie Says:

    Keep getting better, Tehya! Glad to hear you are doing well. Keep waking up your pawrents in the middle of the night…they really like it : ) -Opie

  7.   Opie Says:

    PS. I’m glad we are not counting the days!

  8.   cairasue Says:

    Yay for not counting days! We didn’t count either…in fact I always had to go back on the calender and look at the dates when someone asked. Now I put a program on my google calender that just tells me the month ampuversary date. Just so I can know when we hit milestones (this friday will be 6 months!)
    It’s very cool that you woke your mom up to tell her you were starting to feel good. It’s more a matter of getting over the major surgery, through the anesthesia and pain medication haze. Then they are off and running!
    It sounds like you have a really supportive family, which is sooooo awesome! Hurray!

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