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Ok So I Forgot!

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Tehya2Hi everyone I had a quiet day yesterday. I had some visitors come over to see me in the evening and they were pleasantly surprised that I was doing so good. My appetite was a little bit off but I think maybe because there wasn’t as many treats as usual. My Mom and Dad have been sleeping on the sofa bed downstairs as I can’t make it up all the stairs yet to my usual bedroom and they don’t want me to be lonely. Well to make a long story short I forgot that I didn’t have my four legs anymore and tried to climb up on the bed with them. I made it half way but then got stuck ( I’m blaming the Percocet). My Dad came to rescue me and up I got. Of course then there was no room for him so he had to go upstairs to the big bed. I basically took over the whole bed and my poor Mom didn’t have much room and didn’t get much sleep. I don’t normally get to sleep on the bed so it was a nice treat for me!!
Another favorite thing of mine to do is climb up on my Dad’s knee while he is watching TV I haven’t been able to do this yet so my Dad came down to my level so I have posted a picture for you all to see how loved I am.

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10 Responses to “Ok So I Forgot!”

  1.   maggie Says:

    Oh Tehya,
    How loved you are 🙂 You look good…I’m glad you got to sleep on the bed with your Mom…oh, OK, so you’re a ‘bed hog’ too, huh!?
    Take care, heal fast!

  2.   krun15 Says:

    Good job Tehya-
    Remeber it takes patience and repitition- but it looks like you are off to a good start training your people.
    Keep getting ‘stuck’ too, sometimes it works for extra treats!!

  3.   jakesmom Says:

    Oh Teyha,

    You look so much like my Jake did when he came home from his surgery with his compression bandage… he had such problems trying to balance the first few days… but the sling really helped alot!!

    Heal quickly and feel better soon sweetie!!!

    Angel Jake’s Mom

  4.   jerry Says:

    Teyha, you have such pawesome pawrents. It is very, very clear that you are so loved. Just watch out for the painkillers, they really do make us think we are invincible!

  5.   anyemery Says:

    Hi Tehya!

    Holly and I are so glad you’re doing so well. You are a pretty dog! I hope all goes well with your oncologist visit tomorrow. Our vet is not sure about chemo for Holly because he can tell from old x-rays that she had her cancer for close to 2 years. Hers wasn’t as aggressive as bone cancer usually is, and the vet and oncologist are trying to decide the best next step for her. We’re keeping our fingers and paws crossed for you! You sure look cozy next to your dad! Holly’s been getting used to us sitting on the floor with her and her sitting on the couch with us lately (she’s not usually allowed on the couch!). Anything to keep that smile on her face!

    Best wishes!
    Holly and Holly’s mom

  6.   Otto Says:

    Hi Tehya – I am glad to hear that you are doing better. We’ve never met but my Mom knows your Mom. Maybe one day we can have a play date? Tell your Mom that my Mom would like to chat about Oprah! I always watch Oprah with my mom – do you? Keep getting better.

    Otto Martin

  7.   Opie Says:


    You are doing so good! I couldn’t jump up on the bed until my stitches were out. I forget that I don’t have a leg sometimes too. Once when I was getting out of my car, I did a somersault that was worthy of Olympic level scoring. It hurt my pride more than it hurt me, but it scared my mom…Ya hafta scare them every now and then to keep the treats flowing…Keep getting better — Opie

  8.   timbersmom Says:

    Hi Tehya and pawrents…
    So glad to hear that you’re doing well and getting loved up like you deserve!
    Our surgeries were a day apart, I think, so we’re recuperating together…I’m so appreciative of the blog…how do you do it? Mom’s sleep deprived and can barely cruise the forum for comfort…but comfort it is…she’s all in a muddle here…can’t find old posts that she wanted to get back to…can’t even find her own posts…but happy to check in on your blog and hear happy updates!
    Blessings to Tehya from Timber and pawrents!

  9.   Peyton's Path Says:

    Tehya you are looking great! Just keep being as precious as you are and you will be fine. Make sure your pawrents spoil you rotten and they let you sleep on the comfy couch/bed! When my brother Peyton was with us he would just smile at Mom and she would give us a treat! We were very spoiled. Since Peyton left us Mom and Dad still spoil me, I can pretty much get away with anything!

    It sounds like your pawrents are adjusting great to your amputation. They are the ones we need to worry about, they don’t realize how well dogs adapt to the situation!

    Stay strong and keep a positive attitude! Don’t count the days, focus on the moment. Make every day special (I think Opie learned that from Peyton)!

    Lots of golden licks!

    (Peyton’s brother)

  10.   Charlie Says:

    Hi Tehya
    Glad to hear from you. Thats an amazing pic of you and your Dad. I’m so glad to see that you are getting your parents whipped into shape. Now I wish I could get my Mom to let me up on her bed. Way to go Tehya. Keep up the good work, and I’ll read your posts to keep up to date on your progress. Miss you and love you, Charlie

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