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Another Really Nice Doctor

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Good morning everyone! I got to meet another really nice Doctor yesterday and she has worked out chemo treatments for me. First off I must tell you my Mom got the name of the cancer wrong it is actually soft tissue sarcoma-histiocytic. I will be one of the lucky ones and get to receive my chemo at home by way of a pill called Lomustine. Sounds pretty interesting cuz my pawrents are going to have to wear pretty blue gloves to give it to me and they have to be really careful that the pill does not get wet and that I swallow it right away. So the Doctor suggested that they maybe put it in some Ravioli and another have another piece waiting for me behind the pill so I swallow right away. Hmmm maybe I can trick them and get three pieces if I’m lucky.
I’m still doing really good they were impressed on how well I hop for just having my surgery a week ago. It was Golden Day at the clinic and I got to meet a lot of nice dogs..especially Shadow who had the same cancer on his back and has been taking the same drug for 2.5 months now and was looking really good.
So I’m keeping my paws crossed and hoping for good results I know that with the love of my pawrents and my good will that I am going to beat the odds!
Talk to you all soon!

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11 Responses to “Another Really Nice Doctor”

  1.   admin Says:

    Mmmm… Ravioli! 🙂

    This forum topic also has many tips for getting dogs to take pills. Also, feel free to add any positive vet experiences to the Veterinary Specialist Referrals topic.

  2.   jerry Says:

    Tehya, you sound so hoppy! The pill thing is no biggie, I took chemo by pill for many many months. Mom and Dad thought I would be glowing in the dark, but no luck! They even had my radiation level analyzed at the Atomic Bomb Testing Ground in New Mexico. No luck, I wasn’t radioactive or anything.

    Now, be good and take your meds, they’re really going to help you out!

  3.   krun15 Says:

    Hey Tehya,
    Mag was on Lomustine as one of her chemo meds, but they wouldn’t let me give it to her at home. I forgot to tell the oncologist that Mag is REALLY bad about taking pills. The first time they tried to give it to her she bit it and powder went everywhere!!! They had to run around in their gloves and labcoats and clean it all up.

    If I was you I would take the pill with ravs, and be SOOOOO good about it that you get several extras.

    Karen and the pug girls.

  4.   Peyton's Path Says:

    Awesome attitude!!! My brother took those same pills! He didn’t really have any side affects from the chemo just a little mushy poo. So hopefully you will have the same success. Mom and Dad got to give Peyton the pills at home with rubber gloves on and it wasn’t a big deal. Dad always disguised the pills in peanut butter Kong paste. Peyton loved peanut butter. We would always kid about Peyton glowing in the dark, but don’t worry he didn’t really glow! Good luck with the chemo.


  5.   Harley Barley Says:

    Hi, Tehya! Harley also has Histiocytic Sarcoma. He is also taking Lomustine (twice so far), and had shown no side effects from it … so hopefully Tehya will do well on it, as well! We don’t give it at home, though … he goes in to our local Vet to have bloodwork done, then if all is normal, they give him the pill, and we are on our way. He will receive chemo every three weeks for 5 cycles, then we will spread the cycles out farther apart, if everything continues to go well. Best of luck to you!!

  6.   anyemery Says:

    Hi Tehya! That sounds great! We’re glad you found another great doctor – it helps alot to have another caring human on your side. We’ll keep our fingers and paws crossed that all goes well and that you get to enjoy lots and lots of raviolis! Holly loves all Italian food, so that ravioli plan sounds awesome to her. We’ll continue to send lots of pawsitive thoughts your way.
    Holly and Holly’s mom

  7.   timbersmom Says:

    Wow! Ravioli…that’s brilliant…I’ll have to try that…currently, Timber gets his pills in a chunk of banana since liversausage and peanut butter have fallen out of favor…glad Tehya is hopping well, Timber is too and it’s amazing to me…I’m so grateful. Best of luck with the new chemo regimen.
    Timber and Denise

  8.   Tinker Says:

    Tehya, good way to get treats isn’t it. I like my pills in heated up weiners but I’m not taking anything serious like you. Do be good about taking your pills cause they are to make you ALL better, arf, arf.

  9.   cairasue Says:

    Ravioli! Holy cow! You are soooooo lucky!
    Caira Sue has had her pills in peanut butter, cheese and then in deli turkey (lots the love of peanut butter, but has since gotten it back), but never ravioli! I wouldn’t have even thought of that one! Brilliant!

  10.   Opie Says:

    good thinking tehya!

    Make ’em give you three ravs at least. I had to take pills after my surgery and my Mom hid them in creamy pnut butter. I thought they put the wrong label on the jar, and it was actually chunky pnut butter, but Peyton told me that the chunks were pills that my pawrents were hiding in there…Pawrents, sometimes you can’t trust them, right?

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