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I’m surprising them more every day!

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Well I started my chemo this morning so hopefully everything will go ok. My Mom gave the pill to me in Perogies instead of Ravioli she thought I might like them better. ( I think it is because she likes them better to be honest). Yesterday I surprised everyone by coming down two stairs without any help and today I climbed right up on my Dad’s knee to watch TV with him. Next to swimming this is my most favorite thing in the world.
My Mom is off to Mexico on Sunday for a week she’s feeling a bit guilty cuz she had the trip planned before I got sick. I hope she doesn’t worry too much about me cuz I’ll be with my Dad and he takes great care of me so I know I will be just fine. When she comes home I’m hoping that I can surprise her by sleeping upstairs in our real bedroom and bounce down the stairs to greet her!
Thanks to everyone that is giving us so much support it really is helping me a lot to keep up the good work.
I’ll get my Mom to give you an update as soon as she is back. I can’t get my Dad to do it cuz he only knows how to find ebay woof woof!
Love, Tehya

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6 Responses to “I’m surprising them more every day!”

  1.   jerry Says:

    Hey Tehya, a perogi? OMG you are one lucky dawg! Glad you ate it up and hope that you keep on feeling good. Tell your Mom not to feel guilty, she could use a break I’m sure. And while she’s gone, your Dad can get you something cool on eBay! OMD you’re going to be even more spoiled than before, just watch! Humans love to spoil us Tripawds!

  2.   jakesmom Says:

    Tell your mommy to show your daddy how to post on the forums… it’s easy!!! And then he won’t feel like he’s alone if he has any questions or concerns while your mommy is away… We’ll take care of him!!!

    Angel Jake’s Mom

  3.   anyemery Says:

    Hi Tehya! I’m glad you’re doing so well! I’m sure you’ll surprise your mom with all you’ve done while she’s gone! And Darlene – don’t feel guilty! The vacation will be good for you, and help you to help Tehya even more when you get back! (although hopefully by then she’ll be an old pro at the new meds!) And we agree with Jake’s mom – dad should learn to post so he can keep us up to date and ask for help while mom’s gone.

    Have a great trip!
    Holly and Holly’s mom

  4.   Kami (Mackenzie's Mom) Says:

    Hi Tehya,
    Tell your mom you’re in good hands when she goes on vacation. That’s so awesome that you’ve been able to go down two stairs. You are doing so well and we are so proud of you! As I type this, Mackenzie is barking at me (or she would say talking to me) to give her another treat and to tell your mom that she should give you plenty of treats before she goes (that way, she won’t feel so bad about leaving you.) Tell your mom to have a great trip and we can’t wait to hear about when you greet her from the top of the stairs when she gets back!
    Mackenzie’s Mom and Mackenzie

  5.   Barrie (the ex-neighbor) Says:

    Hi Tehya old buddy
    this is that old dude that used to live next door that thru the ball for you from the other side of the wire and wear you out but you kept comming back for more to tell you the truth you wore me out more then I did you but I sure loved yur spirit,you and I go back a long ways rite back to the day ur mom brought home that little ball of brown fur with four little feet sticking out and I knew from that day on we were going to get along famously and we did,this thing with the leg well its just one of those little hicups that come along in life that you have to deal with and you will with a lotta love and care from ur mom & dad and in time all this will just be one of those unpleasent memories and u will be bounding up and down stairs and swimming like a fish out at the lake,perhaps I will see you this summer at the lake if ur up to it,at any rate I wish u a full and speedy recovery which I am sure wont be long because u have two of the most caring and loving people on the planet to help u along the way.

  6.   Peyton's Path Says:

    Tehya tell your Mom not to worry! Sounds like you are doing great and your Dad should be able to handle things! That will make your Mom so very happy and proud of you if you get to surprise her by doing new things! Good luck we are sending you good vibes to help you succeed!


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