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My Mom’s Home.

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My Mom came home late Sunday and boy did we have a surprise waiting for her. My Dad took me to the groomer and had me shaved so that my hair would grow back even. So now I look like a Golden Lab (that’s ok though cuz they are really cute too). I had a good week with my Dad he spoiled me pretty good with letting me up on his lap all the time.
I’m not having any reaction to the chemo pills (maybe the perogies are helping with that). I’ve been outside in the yard playing and lying in the sun. I had all of my stitches removed but my Dr. said I still have to wait one more week before I can tackle the stairs going up to the main living area in the house. Boy we will all be excited when that happens I really miss my bedroom!
Yesterday I went for blood work and will get the results on that later today but Dr. Ford was really impressed with my activity level, my heart, temp etc. She said that she couldn’t see any red flags right now so all and all it was a great visit.
I hope that you have all had a great week since I last got to write on my blog and I am looking forward to reading up on all of your progress.
Love from Tehya and her Mom.

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8 Responses to “My Mom’s Home.”

  1.   Cherry Says:

    Very glad that the chemotherapy is going so very well. Personally, I could not stand the taste so I lost all interest in food. Dad brushed my teeth three times a day and that did help the taste in my mouth and Mom shared her Soy Milk. Also, I know what you mean about getting back into your own bed. Dad and I slept together in the guest bed from the day I got back home. When I decided it was time, I went down the hallway to Mom & Dad’s bedroom and hopped into my own bed. It was great!
    Wishing you the very best – you remember that we do share a special date.
    Spirit Cherry

  2.   Tehya's Mom Says:

    Spirit Cherry we certainly do share a special date. I am pretty sure you are my special angel helping me to get through this with such little difficulty.


  3.   anyemery Says:

    Welcome home – we’re sure the welcome Tehya gave you was awesome! We’re glad to hear that Tehya’s doing so well with chemo and recovery. Please post a picture of her new haircut! It’s sure to look great!
    Holly and Holly’s mom

  4.   Tazzie Says:

    Hi Tehya

    Tell your Mum welcome home! I hope she had a nice time in the sun although I know she was thinking and worrying about YOU!

    What kind of pills are you taking for chemo?

    So, perogies as a cancer diet – that’s a new one. I guess they are the original pill pocket.

  5.   Tazzie Says:

    p.s. please post a picture with your new haircut!

  6.   jakesmom Says:

    I definitely want to see a picture of you with your new haircut!!! Maybe we can compare our doggies haircuts! 🙂

    When we adopted Jake at 5 yrs of age, his previous owners also kept his fur trimmed (because the wife didn’t want fur on her expensive furniture… !!!???). But once he came to live with us, we let his fur grow back… and he was more beautiful then ever!!!

    So happy to hear that you’re doing so well Tehya… Keep up the good work!!!

    Angel Jake’s Mom

  7.   Peyton's Path Says:

    I bet you are adorable shaved! We would love to see pictures! Glad you had a good time with your Dad, but their is nothing like having Mom home (No need to tell our Dad’s that and hurt their feelings)! We are glad you are doing well and not having a bad reaction to the chemo!!! Stay strong and positive!

  8.   timbersmom Says:

    You must have been amazed to come home to Tehya after your time away…
    they recuperate so quickly and a new haircut too! So glad for the good news that Tehya’s doing so well.

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