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Blood Work

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My new haircut

Hi everyone, I got the results back from my first set of blood work and all was great! Dr. Ford said she can see no red flags. My ultra sound will be done on Feb. 1st so I am keeping all paws crossed. I have posted some pictures so everyone can see my new haircut. Most people love it saying I look just like a puppy!

Going for a stroll

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9 Responses to “Blood Work”

  1.   Emilysmom Says:

    I do love your hair cut! You look so pretty. I am glad your blood work came out great and look forward to hearing about a clean ultra sound in Feb.
    Debra & Angel Emily

  2.   cairasue Says:

    You are beautiful today, Tehya!
    It’s nice to see you out and about, showing off that gorgeous tail!

  3.   Hopalong Harley Says:

    Love the pictures!

    Is this bloodwork in preparation of your next chemo treatment? How often are you taking CCNU? And do you have a set number of cycles you will be taking it?

    Hope all continues to go well!

    -Gwen and Harley

  4.   Opie Says:

    Hi Tehya!

    I wish my mom would let me have a buzz cut. I am always so hot. You look really good!

  5.   anyemery Says:

    Hi! Glad to hear that your bloodwork is good! And we love your haircut – you do look like a puppy! We’ll keep fingers and paws crossed that your ultrasound looks good, too. Are they doing that as part of monitoring your chemo treatments? Our vet hasn’t mentioned ultrasounds at all.
    Holly and Holly’s mom

  6.   Kami (Mackenzie's Mom) Says:

    Tehya – you look so adorable with your new haircut- you do look like a puppy and I bet that you are starting to feel like a puppy once again. You might be mistaken for a poodle but that’s ok, cause they’re very cute too! Wish you well on your ultrasound!

  7.   Peyton's Path Says:

    You are such a beautiful girl! Congratulations on the good news with your bloodwork! We will keep our paws crossed for you on Feb 1.

  8.   Darlene Says:

    Hi Holly’s Mom, yes the ultra sound is all a follow up to the chemo treatments. They took an ultra sound so they would have a starting point before the treatments began and now will do one each month to monitor for any changes. We have blood work done every two weeks as well. Tehya receives her chemo pill daily.

    Hope this helps!

  9.   Tehya's Mom Says:

    Hi Gwen, Tehya takes her chemo pill daily Lomustine. The oncologist told us that she will be on it for the rest of her life unless we decide to stop treatment for any reason. The bloodwork is done every two weeks to check her cell count and chemistry ranges. Then once a month she will have an abdominal ultra sound and chest xray to check for any changes. They did one before we started the treatment. Sounds like it is totally different than what Harley is doing but the same drug right?

    Hope they both continue to do well. We were quite happy today as she can finally go up and down stairs to our main level now so we get to move back to our bedroom. One month on the sofa bed is long enough.

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