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We are still fighting hard!

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Hello to everyone from sunny Vancouver the home of the spring oops I mean winter Olympics that are scheduled to start on Friday. Our city is alive with tourists and news media I must say it is pretty exciting. There I have done my tourist promotion for today.
After much reading and soul searching we have decided to give Tehya the blast of chemo tomorrow to see if we can slow down those dreaded mets. As well once again she is showing us that she isn’t ready to cross over the bridge. On the weekend we had her out on the front street visiting with all of the neighbors (some of whom had yet to see her with three legs) and my gosh she was like a puppy. She even is trying to chase her tail forgetting of course that she goes off balance pretty quickly.
We are keeping everything crossed for our precious Tehya and will keep you posted on her progress. Once again thank you so much for all of the support that you have been giving us.


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8 Responses to “We are still fighting hard!”

  1.   jakesmom Says:

    Just keep fighting… for as long as you feel that Tehya wants to fight!! You will know when it is enough… I hope and pray that the chemo stops that damn cancer in it’s tracks!!! I wish you and Tehya all the best!!! Please keep us posted!!

    Give that beautiful redhead of yours a big fat hug and kiss from me!!!

    Angel Jake’s Mom

  2.   maggie Says:

    As long as Tehya is fighting and wants to fight..there’s your answer!!

    Good for you, Tehya 🙂

    Tracy, Maggie’s Mom

  3.   Cherry Says:

    You have been in our thoughts and are one of the reasons why we still visit the site. Your entire family has show extreme courage to fight so very hard and we pray that you will have many more “Puppy” moments in the future. Give Tehya a big hug – I know that Cherry is telling her “Not Time Yet!”
    Spirit Cherry’s Dad

  4.   anyemery Says:

    Go for it, Tehya! We’re keeping fingers and paws crossed that the blast of chemo will keep this ugly cancer at bay for you. Isn’t it fun to act like a puppy again? Holly’s had some of those moments in the past week or two and it’s like a breath of fresh air for us pawrents!
    Lots of hugs sent across the border…
    Holly and Holly’s mom

  5.   jack crowder Says:

    Celebrate and love each day!
    Smile and laugh often, give her plenty of hugs and tell her how much you love her!

    Pawsitive thoughts coming your way… jack

  6.   Kami (Mackenzie's Mom) Says:

    How incredibly wonderful that must have been to watch her chase her tail and be that puppy dog you know and love. We hope and pray that this chemo will fight this cancer off once and for all, and you’ll have her around for a long time. Afterall, Teyha’s got some visiting to do with her tripawd friends from across the border! Wishing you the best for tomorrow. Sending lots of love and hugs!

  7.   Wendy Says:

    Hi Darlene!

    You and Tehya are in my thoughts and prayers! She is a sweet girl and has a beautiful soul!
    I am just starting my journey with cancer with my Golden Henri. We have not decided whether to amputate or not…as Henri is a big guy and he is 11. We are going to try the palliative radiation.

    I know the pain you feel and that your heart is heavy…I feel the same pain…try to cherrish each day! Hang in there!!!!

  8.   Peyton's Path Says:

    Just because Tehya has mets doesn’t mean her journey is over. We stopped doing x-rays on Peyton because we didn’t want to know how many or how big his mets were once we learned he had them. We just kept up with the chemo and enjoyed him until he told us he was ready for the Bridge.

    Sounds like Tehya has a lot left in her! Just let her be the happy puppy she wants to be and give her lots of love!


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