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Thank you

Thursday, February 4th, 2010

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I am still waiting for the written report from the oncologist however her assistant called yesterday and told us that she is on  the maximum dosage that she can  have. The other day I was in total shock as I didn’t expect to hear the news so quickly that those dreaded mets were growing. However thanks to the wonderful support from this website I am trying so very hard to stay pawsitive and enjoy every minute with my precious Tehya. She is still so active and eating very well so I hoping that she will be with us for awhile yet! My sister found this website while surfing before Tehya had her operation and I must say it was the best thing that could have ever happened. The caring support from everyone is something that helps me everyday to get through this emotional rollercoaster ride.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart
Darlene (Tehya’s Mom).

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Not as good as we hoped.

Monday, February 1st, 2010

Tripawds is a user-supported community. Thank you for your support!

Well we went for my one month ultrasound and chest x-ray today and the results weren’t as good as we hoped. Last month when I got my first one I had an enlarged sternal lymph node and several nodules within my liver. Today’s test show that they have all grown in size. Dr. Ford told my pawrents that it is not really bad news as I am still feeling so good but it is definitely something that we have to monitor closely. When the lab reports come back on my bloodwork my chemo doseage might have to be increased just to slow this nasty disease down. My poor Mom did not take this well and was crying I was trying to let her know that I’m not ready to cross the bridge yet and to please just enjoy one day at a time with me. I am so happy not to be in the pain from my leg anymore and my tail keeps wagging so I am going to hang in there for as long as I can. I do love getting those perogies every morning and if I need to take more pills that’s ok I just more treats!

Talk to you in a few more days with the results of the lab work!


One month and one day!

Saturday, January 30th, 2010

Yesterday was my one month ampuversary! My Mom was really busy and didn’t have a chance to post for me. It is hard to believe that one month ago everyone in our family was so sad that I would be losing my leg. Today it is a total turnaround they are overjoyed with how well I am doing and looking forward to spending a lot of time with me in the months to come. I am doing stairs up and down with no problem at all now. With the exception of the stairs off the sundeck that is, my Dad nailed some shingles on them for traction for me but they are still a little too steep for my liking.
I went for a walk the other day and met Sophie  (another Golden)..she walked a little ways with me and then my Mom and I jogged back slowly of course I didn’t want my Mom to get too tired. Monday is another big day for me I get an ultrasound and chest xray to see if there any changes I have good thoughts though. For those who don’t know Spirit Cherry and I share a special date (Dec. 29th) and I know that she is on my shoulder watching over me to make sure all goes well!
More updates to come after Monday. Have a nice weekend everyone!

Blood Work

Sunday, January 24th, 2010

My new haircut

Hi everyone, I got the results back from my first set of blood work and all was great! Dr. Ford said she can see no red flags. My ultra sound will be done on Feb. 1st so I am keeping all paws crossed. I have posted some pictures so everyone can see my new haircut. Most people love it saying I look just like a puppy!

Going for a stroll

My Mom’s Home.

Wednesday, January 20th, 2010

My Mom came home late Sunday and boy did we have a surprise waiting for her. My Dad took me to the groomer and had me shaved so that my hair would grow back even. So now I look like a Golden Lab (that’s ok though cuz they are really cute too). I had a good week with my Dad he spoiled me pretty good with letting me up on his lap all the time.
I’m not having any reaction to the chemo pills (maybe the perogies are helping with that). I’ve been outside in the yard playing and lying in the sun. I had all of my stitches removed but my Dr. said I still have to wait one more week before I can tackle the stairs going up to the main living area in the house. Boy we will all be excited when that happens I really miss my bedroom!
Yesterday I went for blood work and will get the results on that later today but Dr. Ford was really impressed with my activity level, my heart, temp etc. She said that she couldn’t see any red flags right now so all and all it was a great visit.
I hope that you have all had a great week since I last got to write on my blog and I am looking forward to reading up on all of your progress.
Love from Tehya and her Mom.

I’m surprising them more every day!

Friday, January 8th, 2010

Well I started my chemo this morning so hopefully everything will go ok. My Mom gave the pill to me in Perogies instead of Ravioli she thought I might like them better. ( I think it is because she likes them better to be honest). Yesterday I surprised everyone by coming down two stairs without any help and today I climbed right up on my Dad’s knee to watch TV with him. Next to swimming this is my most favorite thing in the world.
My Mom is off to Mexico on Sunday for a week she’s feeling a bit guilty cuz she had the trip planned before I got sick. I hope she doesn’t worry too much about me cuz I’ll be with my Dad and he takes great care of me so I know I will be just fine. When she comes home I’m hoping that I can surprise her by sleeping upstairs in our real bedroom and bounce down the stairs to greet her!
Thanks to everyone that is giving us so much support it really is helping me a lot to keep up the good work.
I’ll get my Mom to give you an update as soon as she is back. I can’t get my Dad to do it cuz he only knows how to find ebay woof woof!
Love, Tehya

Another Really Nice Doctor

Wednesday, January 6th, 2010

Good morning everyone! I got to meet another really nice Doctor yesterday and she has worked out chemo treatments for me. First off I must tell you my Mom got the name of the cancer wrong it is actually soft tissue sarcoma-histiocytic. I will be one of the lucky ones and get to receive my chemo at home by way of a pill called Lomustine. Sounds pretty interesting cuz my pawrents are going to have to wear pretty blue gloves to give it to me and they have to be really careful that the pill does not get wet and that I swallow it right away. So the Doctor suggested that they maybe put it in some Ravioli and another have another piece waiting for me behind the pill so I swallow right away. Hmmm maybe I can trick them and get three pieces if I’m lucky.
I’m still doing really good they were impressed on how well I hop for just having my surgery a week ago. It was Golden Day at the clinic and I got to meet a lot of nice dogs..especially Shadow who had the same cancer on his back and has been taking the same drug for 2.5 months now and was looking really good.
So I’m keeping my paws crossed and hoping for good results I know that with the love of my pawrents and my good will that I am going to beat the odds!
Talk to you all soon!

Ok So I Forgot!

Monday, January 4th, 2010

Tehya2Hi everyone I had a quiet day yesterday. I had some visitors come over to see me in the evening and they were pleasantly surprised that I was doing so good. My appetite was a little bit off but I think maybe because there wasn’t as many treats as usual. My Mom and Dad have been sleeping on the sofa bed downstairs as I can’t make it up all the stairs yet to my usual bedroom and they don’t want me to be lonely. Well to make a long story short I forgot that I didn’t have my four legs anymore and tried to climb up on the bed with them. I made it half way but then got stuck ( I’m blaming the Percocet). My Dad came to rescue me and up I got. Of course then there was no room for him so he had to go upstairs to the big bed. I basically took over the whole bed and my poor Mom didn’t have much room and didn’t get much sleep. I don’t normally get to sleep on the bed so it was a nice treat for me!!
Another favorite thing of mine to do is climb up on my Dad’s knee while he is watching TV I haven’t been able to do this yet so my Dad came down to my level so I have posted a picture for you all to see how loved I am.

New Year’s Day

Saturday, January 2nd, 2010

First off I would like to thank Oppie for the suggestion of not counting the days. We are taking one day at a time and keeping all paws crossed that the recovery continues to go smoothly.

I didn’t have my Mom post yesterday as I was pretty tired and stayed on my bed for most of the day. I did surprise everyone though in the morning I need to go outside pretty badly and hopped along the basement to the door that I’m used to going through. I did forget however that there were two steps that I had to get up to get to the yard. That proved to be quite easy for me getting down though was another story my Dad kindly helped me backwith the towel under my belly. After that I had another long sleep then one of my best friends came for a visit. Oh boy did I get lots and lots of loving from her and treats too! She helped me outside to do my business again before she left and it brought back memories of her doing this with me when I first came home from the breeders 10 yrs ago.

I had a really good sleep last night until about 3:00am then I thought I would surprise my Mom who was in the other room so in I went tail a wagging and woke her up saying look at me Mom! I got my pat and decided it was time to go back to bed for awhile.
My Mom and Dad continue to be amazed at how well I am doing but they forget I think that I was struggling with the pain in that leg for quite awhile so am used to doing most of the work with three!

Talk to you all tomorrow and thanks so much for all the good wishes!


I’m Home

Thursday, December 31st, 2009

My Mom & Dad came to get me at 2:00pm today. They had to meet with Dr. Hamilton first so she could tell them how to help me when I get home. After that was over Debbie came to the back to get me. With a little help from a couple of people and a towel under my belly I was able to hop out to meet Mom and Dad my tail was wagging of course cuz I knew I was going home. My Dad was really happy to see me  my Mom was crying a little bit but I know it was just because the lady in the waiting room was so shocked to see me. My Mom assured her though that I was ok!
Dr. Hamilton, Debbie and my Dad helped me out to the car but I think I could have made it on my own..I was a bit slow going down the stairs but made it just fine. There was a nice soft blanket waiting for me in the back of the Blazer and my Mom sat with until we got home. When we pulled into the driveway  I got up all by myself cuz I was so excited to be home. My Dad helped my out of the car and I hopped around the front yard on my own so I could do my business. Once that was over I was a little tired so had to rest a bit before I came inside but once in I made it to my bed on my own. I got some pretty good treats for being such a good girl then I had my pain pill and had a good sleep for awhile. When I woke up I had to go outside again and made it out all on my own!! Had a little rest again before I could make it back to my bed. My Mom and Dad are sure proud of me! Pretty good way to bring in 2010 I would say!