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Day 2

Wednesday, December 30th, 2009

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All reports from last night have been great the Vet called around 5:00 pm and said she was doing well. Today around lunch he called again and said that they couldn’t get her to eat so could we come down to see if could get her to eat for us. So off we went quite nervous to see her and with turkey, cheese, apples and bread and peanut butter in hand. When we walked in we got a tail wag and that was one of the most happiest moments in our lives. Yes I must say the surgery looks pretty overwhelming and we haven’t seen her standing yet but just to see her lifted our hearts. The turkey vanished in a few minutes along with the peanut butter and bread so we will go back again tonight to give her some more. She will hopefully be home tomorrow with some pretty strong drugs to keep her pain free for a few days Percocet and Gabapentin. We have the rubber mats down to help her on the tile and hardwood, her mat is waiting for her in front of the fireplace and the treats are ready to help her to eat. As you can tell we are quite excited to get her home. We know there will be some ups and downs for sure!
Thanks to all you sent replies of encouragement they certainly are a huge help in going through this. We can only hope that we can give strength back to others in the very near future.

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The Beginning

Tuesday, December 29th, 2009

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Playing with the kids. Our journey began approximately two months ago. Tehya would limp for a day or so and then get better. One day when I was rubbing her front right leg I noticed a growth on the inside. We took her to our Vet clinic and the Vet on call took some xrays and told us that she couldn’t see any cancer so began treating her as if she had an infection. A week later we took her back as the lump had not gone down and she gave us stronger drugs and took a needle biopsy of the growth to see if they could find out what was going on. Our regular Vet came back from vacation and we took her back for him to have a look at her. The needle biopsy was not sufficient enough to get a true diagnosis so they actually took a portion of the growth and sent it to the US for testing. 10 days later we got the bad news that indeed our precious Tehya had bone cancer and our only alternative was to have her leg amputated. She also had a number of lumps on her back and side so it was recommended that we have them tested to ensure that the cancer had not already spread. To our delight they were all fatty cysts so it was full speed ahead to have her leg amputated just after the Christmas holiday. Then we got the dreaded phone call on Dec. 23rd from our Vet saying that he had spoken to the Oncologist Vet and prognosis for long term life was not good that the expectancy would be 4months to one year. We were devasted and thought that we could not put her through the trauma of surgery,chemo and recovery for such a short life span. We decided that after Xmas we would put her out of her pain and let her cross over the Rainbow bridge. However Tehya had other ideas and through the Xmas holidays she was like a pup again chasing her tail, playing with her toys and displaying more energy than we had seen in a long time. We took this as a sign that she wanted us to give her a fighting chance. So today we have taken her in to have the amputation and will have her back on New Year’s eve.
I can not thank the people of this website enough for the support that they have given my family so far through this ordeal. It has been an emotional rollercoaster but when you hear from people that have gone through the same thing you are going through and hear the success stories it truly does help.
Stay tuned for Tehya’s updates as she goes through her recovery. Tehya before surgery

Hello world!

Friday, November 27th, 2009

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